Details and FAQs



Dive into readings of your choice while here. You can bring books, magazines, newspapers or read some of ours. If we have a thematic weekend that revolves around a certain book, we’ll let you know but the general idea is to provide space, time and an atmosphere for you to engage in readings of your choosing.


We design retreats so that you have some freedom to spend time alone as well as opportunities to socialize. At a typical weekend retreat, breakfast is available over the course of a few hours so that people can continue to engage in their typical morning routine, while lunch and dinners are served as a group.


You may come on your own or with friends or family members. We have various options for rooms, so that you can have privacy or share a room with someone you know. We enjoy hosting and aim to help you have the retreat experience that’s right for you.


Vermont is known for being a unique place that attracts writers, artists, athletes, skiers, and anyone who wants to relish the benefits of being close to nature and pursue an active lifestyle. We are nestled up a country road, 2 miles from highway 106, where you can walk to trails or stroll the roads and enjoy a slower pace of life.


The main gathering point for retreats has common areas where you can lounge or you can use your room for reading if you prefer solitude. During warm seasons, there are areas on property for seating such as the beach by our swimming pond, the lawn, or the back deck.


The schedule has blocks for reading time as well as opportunities to explore the area. You may get lost in a book and prefer to spend hours there but if you’d like to venture out for cycling, running, or sightseeing, we are happy to offer suggestions.


Attire is casual. There is a swimming pond on property, a pool at the local athletic center, and a spa in Woodstock, so you may want to pack a swimsuit. In winter, we recommend Yaktrax for icy days which are becoming more common due to weather fluctuations. Pack sunscreen and hats for spring/summer days, and bug spray, especially in early summer.


Feel welcome to message us through the contact link at the bottom so we can answer your questions.